Local craft beer
from Mallorca

We love beer and our island’s history

Local beer, we brew in Mallorca

We are beer lovers. That is why we have invested our passion into brewing our own craft beers made with ingredients from Mallorca. Our range is wide, so you can choose the variety that suits you best.

We also distribute the finest domestic and import beers for all kinds of businesses.

What our customers say

Our customers are very nice and witty. We are very proud that they enjoy our beers.


Guided tours and Bar

Do you want to visit our brewery?

We do guided tours of our facilities. Where you can taste our beers.

We also have our Bar & Taproom, a meeting place where you can share your passion for beer.

We are also beer distributors

Beer Lovers Distribució offers a wide range of quality beers, both craft and imported. Our company is a reference in the field of speciality beer distribution in Mallorca. We distribute both to the hotel, restaurant and catering sector as well as shops and supermarkets. We have a portfolio of more than 200 beers in bottles, cans and kegs, which shows our great love for beer.