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Dibuix simplificat de la fàbrica de Mallorca Beer Co

Just over seven years ago, six craft beer enthusiasts opened the Beer Lovers brewery in the center of Alcúdia, Mallorca. We had an obsession: brewing a great craft beer.

Along the way, we’ve learned that brewing great beer takes a lot of work and a lot of attention to detail. We have also learned that it is very important to explain the concept of craft beer, to make it known and to taste it. Little by little, we have gained knowledge and, although we still have a lot to learn, we feel it is time to take a step forward.

Today, we are on the verge of opening a new brewery. Someone might think that this is already a success, we think that it is another step in a long way that must consolidate us as a brewing reference in Mallorca.

To reinforce this position, we have taken a bold decision: we are changing our brand. Now we will be Mallorca Beer Company, just in case our connection with Mallorca was not clear enough. We want to be the craft beer of Mallorca.

The new Campanet brewery responds to the need to grow. But above all, it responds to the need to make local craft beer even more popular. We want Mallorca to experience local beer and that is why the tasting room will be a key element of our new brewery.

In addition, we will have the space to further develop our premium beer distribution business. We want to be the benchmark in Mallorca for quality beer.

Do you want to have a great beer? Visit us! We have everything to satisfy your beer curiosity.

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