In 2013, we started our Beer Lovers brewery, in our family house, in the center of the town of Alcúdia.
We began “only” as a brewery and tried different distributors.

In 2014, we decided to self-distribute. Then, we started distributing our brand. And little by little, we started working with other brands, both craft and import beer. We formed and developed a wide catalogue of beers, including special beers, such as gluten-free and alcohol-free.

Distribution in Mallorca

Alcohol-free, 0.0 and gluten-free beers

Distribution in bottles, cans and kegs

Advice on beer menus

Hostelry and food

Classes and education

Fotografia antiga d'arxiu. Treballadors carregant caixes de cerveses a un camió

We are brewers and distributors. We know and appreciate very much the product we work with.
During these years we have been working on our portfolio of craft and speciality beers.

From the old Menestralia glass factory, in Campanet, we work with all our brands, in a different way

Would you like speciality beers in your business?

Contact us and we'll tell you everything you need to know and also show you our portfolio so you can choose the brands that best fit your business.

Speciality beers

We have a portfolio of more than 200 speciality beers, both national and international. Here you can see some of our most outstanding ones.